Exporting CSV with a separator other than comma

October 1, 2008 (179)

in Export, Tips and Tricks

I’m trying to export a files-only listing that is quite large (over 80000 files). About 550 of these files have commas in the filename. Because of this, when I try to do a CSV import, it is looking at the comma in the filename and thinking that it is supposed to be used as a delimiter to signify the next column of information, and thus my file names get fragmented and my columns aren’t aligned correctly for those items. Is it possible to change the way ShowSize exports? For example, an option to use tab-separated values (TSV) instead of comma separated (CSV)?

In other words, some users ask, is it posible to change the deliminator/delimiter (field separator character) for the export to CSV operation?

Answer: ShowSize uses the List Separator set up in Windows Control Panel’s Regional Settings. To change that, please click on Control Panel–Change Display Language (Vista) or Regional Settings in XP. Go to the Formats page and click Customize. There you will see the box for List Separator character. Just replace “,” by some other character like ~ or #. You can even put a tab there but not directly. Start notepad, enter a tab and then copy and paste it.

Once you change the above, please stop and restart ShowSize. It will now use the new deliminator for all export CSV operations.

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