How to exclude certain folders from scanning to make it more efficient

August 30, 2010 (257)

in Scanning

I want to get information about most of the folders on a specific hard drive, but would like to exclude 6 folders on that drive. How do I do that?

Please click on the Options and look at the Scan page. It has a button “Exclude these folders from scan” that allows you to add a list of folders to exclude. Note that full path name is needed of these folders. Whenever ShowSize scans a drive, it will exclude a folder if a match is found here. But, if you have too long a list there, it will affect the scanning speed. So please use this option sparingly, to exclude really large folders.

This operation is also available on the right-click menu of the left pane to exclude a certain folder.

If the folders that you want to exclude are already hidden, you can use the Advanced Option to exclude hidden folders. That will reduce the strain on comparing against the list of excluded folders.

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