Scans for folder sizes take time

April 1, 2008 (173)

in Why use ShowSize?

Have you wondered why Windows Explorer does not show sizes of folders? It would become too slow as a file manager. You need special disk software like ShowSize that is not a file manager.

Scans for folder sizes take time. It depends on how big the folder is in terms of number of folders and files deep within it. If you start scanning a big disk to add up the file and folder sizes, it may contain hundreds of thousands of folders and millions of files. You don’t want to sit there waiting for a full disk scan when all you are interested in is a specific folder and its subfolders. Neither do you want to use the mighty Task Manager to stop a wrong scan started by mistake on a big folder. Beware of disk utilities that don’t give you any way to cancel a scan. Such utilities appear to hang because they often don’t display how the scan is progressing. It takes quite an effort to build such features that give useful feedback. No wonder, you often reach for the Task Manager to stop such programs.

ShowSize is smart software. You can precisely go to scan the folder that you are really interested in. And, if by mistake, you start a scan on a big folder and then change your mind, you don’t have to grit your teeth and sit through till it completes. You can simply cancel it by clicking on a Cancel button.

ShowSize 5 running on Vista

There are many other time saving features. You can have different copies of ShowSize running on different folders. The new ShowSize 5 has a special feature for 5-licenses-or-more that allows to save a scan result and then later examine it on any computer (even one that is not connected to that location). Get the smart software that is designed and optimized for convenience. Just scan a big folder with ShowSize and then do the scan with any of other such utilities. You will know the difference. Talk to one of our customers and they will tell you why they prefer to use ShowSize.

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