Seeing files created or modified today

September 5, 2008 (178)

in Reports, Tips and Tricks

Can ShowSize list ALL files even in sub-folders that were created on a certain date, such as, all files created today or a date I can enter? I would love to be able to see all the files created or modified today because I have a disk that is filling up fast and not sure with thousands of sub-folders where the data is going.

Instead of putting all the possible features in filters and making them too complicated, we have made the reports more flexible, especially when you can do the sorting on any column.

For example, you can get the files created or modified on a certain date by using the “Only Files” report (not available in ShowSize PE). Once you get this report, click (once or twice) on the “Modified” column header, so that the files are sorted in the recently modified date order and the most recently modified file comes at the top. Then select the range of files in the dates you are interested in (click and shift-Click) and copy-paste to a document. Please have a look at the screen shots for “Only Files Report” to get an clear idea.

Another alternative is to export the report to a CSV file. You can do further analysis of the data by importing this CSV file to a database or a spreadsheet.

Incidentally, we have a an advanced option that allows you to use modified time as “later” of create and modified time, making the reports even more useful.

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