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January 30, 2008 (165)

in Why use ShowSize?

ShowSize has been designed carefully for optimized performance. It is important to understand the following concepts when you use such a program that can produce huge reports:

Great capacity for huge listings and their printout:

ShowSize uses virtual list technology to accommodate even millions of items in the reports without using too much memory.

Most of the operations are cancelable: Such large capacity is useless without an ability to cancel at any time. We have taken extra pains to ensure that almost all the time consuming operations can be canceled in ShowSize. This is for your convenience so that you don’t get locked up in a long operation if you decide to change your mind after starting a scan or report.

Disk scan data is cached

ShowSize remembers the files list and attributes in a special cache and reuses it till you move to a folder outside the scanned data or till you specifically refresh it. Hence, when drilling down into the reports, you will see that the reports are filled up fast! This is especially noticeable when using large drives or slow network locations. Moreover, ShowSize uses a disk based cache so that it can now display even millions of items in the lists.

Superior design, higher speed

ShowSize has been designed with considerations for speed. Many disk utilities list all the drives and their folders in the left pane. While this might be more convenient, it is certainly slower, specially on systems with large numbers of drives and folders. ShowSize has been designed to show only a single drive’s contents in the left folder. For network locations, it even saves more time by making the network location the root of the left pane. Moreover, even that can be switched off for slower network drives. Please see Tips on working with slow network drives.

Best of all, you can start more copies of ShowSize each working on a different drive or main folder.

No memory leaks

ShowSize has been thoroughly tested for memory leaks. When you go for a file system utility, you should test it thoroughly to see if it has memory leaks. A good test for such programs would be to run them for a while and repeatedly scan big drives. If you have a resource monitoring program turned on, you should see your system running out of resources gradually. Finally, you might see that many other programs have stopped working and a Windows message appears, “You are dangerously low on resources.” Beware of such programs which have memory leaks.

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