How do I get a columnized text file export?

January 30, 2008 (167)

in Reports

New ShowSize¬†has many reports now. Moreover they are highly customizable. But columnized text output won’t work properly, especially with longer column text available in the reports now. Hence, we removed this feature from the Exports menu.

A better alternative: You can select all or some items in any report and right-click to copy to the clipboard. If you paste it in a text editor like Notepad, you will see the columnized text. If you paste it in an RTF Word Processor like Wordpad, you will get a nice tabular report.

ShowSize also has HTML export feature for the reports now that works even better.

Also we have given another feature, the CSV file export, just for this purpose. Just export to a CSV file either from Tools menu or on command line. Then you can open it in Microsoft Excel to get the columnized spreadsheet. Once in Excel, you can do your own calculations too.

If you have Microsoft Word you can do a database insert from the CSV file to make a proper document. If you have a database program, you can do the same thing and create a database. The options are limitless with CSV export.

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