Change log ShowSize Pro 5.7

August 11, 2016 (334)

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Big improvement in Unicode support

Previous versions of ShowSize were able to list file names with unicode (non-ANSI characters) without problem. But many operations like printing, export text, export html didn’t work correctly for such file names. Some operations on the right-click menu were also not allowed for such file and folder names. Now unicode is supported in all these operations.

Smooth migration:

As a result of the above unicode changes, many settings and lists were required to be changed to unicode. We have worked hard to make sure that such settings are migrated correctly from the old version to the new version without loss of data. For example, now the exclude folders feature supports folders with unicode names too. If you were excluding some folders earlier, you will see that their name settings are preserved even though their internal storage has become unicode.

Exclude Folders feature improved

If you have excluded certain folders from scanning, you can identify them in the left list by a strikeout font. The number of exclusions and their names appear in the reports too. ShowSize Pro also adds an “Exclude Folders” button below the list in order to select multiple folders for exclusion by a new kind of screen with checkboxes.

Occasional crashes when exiting solved

Occasionally when exiting the program, an AppCrash was displayed at times. This is solved. If you still see any messages, please do report to us.


Windows 10 manifest added

Added a new manifest for Windows 10 so that now it should be fully compatible even or small issues, such as, reporting the correct Windows version to the program. We have also tested the program on the latest Windows 10 anniversary edition.

Pie Chart warning

Pie chart produced a false warning on Unicode file names when there were none. Moreover, it popped up a message box and hence a resize of the window was not possible. Fixed.

Exclude folders feature, minor fix

A painting issue with Exclude folders dialog was fixed.

Single user license restored

We had stopped selling the single-user-license and introduced a subscription. We have now resumed selling the single-user-license.

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