Purchase and Support related questions

Why you won't find such software on Windows 10 App Store

Apps from Windows 10 App Store are limited in what they can do with the file system. They don't have the permission. ShowSize needs to scan all the folders to produce disk space reports. It can not be an App Store app. So instead of wasting time on the App Store to find such software, please download the trial and start using ShowSize which is a regular Desktop App.

What license do you recommend for Business (Corporate) Customers or Schools?

The most convenient license is the 5-computer license pack. This allows you to install the software on 5 computers and the software is then available to all the users who can login to those computers. So buy as many packs as required to cover all your licenses.

Buying for more users or for more computers?

  • Volume Discount Available: Get a discount automatically when you change quantity of users or license-packs on the order form. Purchase orders are also possible as described in the next section but require a minimum order of $100.
  • Flexible installation: Even if you buy multiple licenses, you need to download the installer only once. Then you can distribute it to all the users or computers included in the purchase.
  • Mass deployment possible: If you are a corporate customer buying a large number of single-user-licenses for your orgnaization, please ask us for the silent install feature in order to distribute the software to all those users by Windows mass deployment features.

Want to place a purchase order (quote)? A minimum of $100 order is required. Please follow these instructions.

Purchase orders (quotes) are possible only for orders of $100 or more. Just fill up the order form and select Purchase Order option at the bottom. At the end, you can print out a quote with instructions for your payment processing department. Note that the delivery of software will happen only after you complete the payment unless you have bought from us before and contact us for immediate delivery.

What if my computer crashes and I need to install the software again? How do you help?

The best option is to save a copy of the installer along with the license codes so that you can reinstall the software without waiting for our support. We also have an automated self-support web site at support.avnitech.com where you can login with your purchase email address and get the original installer along with the license codes. This facility can be used free for 2 years after your purchase.

How will I get updates for the program?

You will need to login to support.avnitech.com to get the updates. Updates will be provided free for 24 months unless you purchased one of our earlier lower priced options where we specifically mention 12-months in the order itself.

Do I need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version?

You don’t need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version. It is automatically replaced by the paid edition.

I want to ask a technical question.

You can send it to us by the Contact link above. But before that, please search the help file of ShowSize or explore this web site and the blog. You might find the answer quicker.