Purchase and Support related questions

Want to place a purchase order (quote)? It's possible for Server Edition only. Please follow these instructions.

Purchase orders (quotes) are possible only for the Server Edition. Just fill up the order form and select Purchase Order option at the bottom. At the end, you can print out a quote with instructions for your payment processing department. Note that the delivery of software will happen only after you complete the payment unless you have bought from us before and contact us for immediate delivery.

What if my computer crashes and I need to install the software again? How do you help?

If you purchased after October 28, 2018, please use the same download link that you got in the Purchase Email notification to download and reinstall. The link expires after one year of purchase. Then you need to buy an upgrade (renewal). That's why, it's best to save a copy of the download with you. For earlier purchases, please see the Upgrade policy at the end of Buy Now page.

How will I get updates for the program?

You can download Free updates for 1 year through the same download link that you get in your Purchase Receipt Email from FastSpring software store. Please make sure that you save a copy of that email message. If one year has expired since your purchase, the download link will not work, and you will need to buy an upgrade to get the latest version.

For purchases before October 28, 2018: The email link feature as described above won't work. Instead, please visit support.avnitech.com.

Do I need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version?

You don’t need to uninstall the trial version before installing the paid version. It is automatically replaced by the paid edition.

I want to ask a technical question.

You can send it to us by the Contact link above. But before that, please search the help file of ShowSize or explore this web site. You might find the answer quicker.