Get the "File Tree" App from Microsoft Store as a Trial for ShowSize

Are you a paid customer of ShowSize? Get the ShowSize Paid Edition Download as described below.

Please find the Order Email from FastSpring that you got after your original purchase. Click on the download link to see if it works. If the link works, you get a Free Update. Just use the downloaded installer and the license key from the email to reinstall the program. If the link does not work or the program that is installed is an earlier version then you need to buy an upgrade by following the link at the bottom of the Buy Now page on this web site.

You can consider "File Tree" as a Light Edition or Trial for ShowSize

  • File Tree has a 15 day Trial available from Microsoft Store.
  • File Tree only contains the basic features of ShowSize. Hence, it's available at a bargain price from Microsoft Store!

Major differences between ShowSize and File Tree

  • File Tree only works on Windows 10 because it's available from Windows 10 store. ShowSize works on Windows 10 as well as Windows 7.
  • Take a look at File Tree. Then browse this web site,, to see what extra features ShowSize has to offer before making a decision to buy either of them.
  • One major advantage of ShowSize is that since it runs outside Windows 10 sandbox, it has the same access rights as the user. So it doesn't get access denied errors on many system folders that File Tree would as a Store App. Further, you can run ShowSize as admin to get access to most of the folders. Other than that, ShowSize has many more reports as you can see on this web site.
  • What ShowSize is missing as compared to File Tree: File Tree was developed later and has some nice interface improvements for fonts that would work better on Windows 10. The Print to Browser feature is a new one in File Tree that we haven't yet implemented in ShowSize. Instead, ShowSize has its own printing features that directly print to a printer and you can use a PDF printer to get reports in PDF format. ShowSize also has some export features so that you can export to Excel or Html so that you get more printing choices in the applications on which you view the exported files.
  • The ShowSize Analyze utility that comes with the paid version has advanced filtering and printing features but for the same reason, ShowSize Analyze can not handle huge file lists. It's best for selectively looking at folders via the ShowSize exported data.