"Your program is saving me a ton of time and the ownership information is invaluable to me! The latest version with that optional "owner" and "modified" columns are exactly what we needed! It's also very cool to work with a program that when you hit cancel on a long running operation with over 300,000 entries, that it actually works! The program is great!"
-- William Devlin

"ShowSize is a real top-notch, well-written, and extremely useable utility. You did a great job on it! I use it quite frequently and the integration with Windows Explorer plus the various report views it gives make it that much more useful."
-- George Lunsford

"ShowSize is a slick program and runs even faster than I would have thought it could -- it was a great help recently when I purchased a new system and realized how much data I accumulated since I switched."
-- Neal Gresens

"I wish all vendors would respond as quickly and accurately as you have!"
-- Andy Waszkiewicz

"Great program. A very worthy successor to that long-ago Windows version of XTree Pro (or whatever it was called) that I had a decade or more ago."
-- Stephen DeLong

"Excellent program ... absolutely every option one could possibly think of!"
-- Chris Goodliffe

"I just wanted to let you know what a great product Showsize is. I have been looking for this type of utility for months and finally came across your program. You have made my life so much easier as I now can produce the reports I need for users at our company."
-- Scott Abel

"The moment I tried ShowSize, I knew it IS the software I was looking for. Now, as a LAN Admin, I can monitor the size of constantly changing network space."
-- Lech Maziakowski

"This tool will prove invaluable for network administrators. Great job!"
-- Steve Ikard

"There is no doubt that Showsize is a bargain! I have not been able to find another program at ANY price that does even half as much."
-- Patrick Stallings

"I love it because it saves me so much time."
-- CF Kwok

"I'm very pleased with this product. It has greatly enabled me to do traditional system maintenance on my computer."
-- Philip South