Get the premium Disk Space Analysis software for advanced users and administrators

Our heavy-duty disk space analyzer, ShowSize Pro, just got better. It now includes a new program ShowSize Analyze for deeper analysis of the saved file lists along with Export to Excel option.

Join thousands of customers who use ShowSize Pro to manage disk space on huge drives and network volumes.

ShowSize, flexible Disk space management software for network admins
Discover 7 new reports that help you identify folders, files, file types and owners taking up the most disk space.

Save report data and view later on any system. An Add-on program, ShowSize Analyze, is included in the Pro Edition to help you apply advanced filters to the saved report.

Get powerful command line switches in order to get flexibility in automating ShowSize printing and export through custom batch files.

Get 7 useful lists of folders and files that help you manage disk space effectively.

folder sizes list with occupied size, disk space

1. Folder Sizes List

Lists folders in the order of decreasing size so that larger folders appear at the top.
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pie chart of folder sizes, number of files, occupied size, disk space, etc

Pie Chart

Click on the Pie Chart button of any list and you see a pie chart on the current sorted column of that report.
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file types list with occupied size, disk space

2. File Types List

Lists files grouped by their type with the total size occupied by each such group.
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files list, folders list, occupied size, disk space

3. Folders & Files List

Unlike Windows Explorer, this list presents all the folders and files together in a "single" hierarchial list with their sizes and numbers.
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owners list with occupied size, disk space

4. File Owners List
(Pro Edition Only)

Lists files grouped by their owner information with the total size occupied by each such group.
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all files list with occupied size, disk space

5. Only Files List

Lists all the files contained in the target disk location in a "flat" list. This is a real innovation. For example, this is the only way to find the largest file in a location no matter how deep down in subfolders it exists.
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all folders list with occupied size, disk space

6. Only Folders List

Lists all the folders contained in the target disk location in a "flat" list. This lets you do some interesting things like finding the biggest folder on the disk no matter how deep it is within the file system.
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modified folders list with occupied size, disk space

7. Active Folders List

Lists folders by the size or number of files modified in the last so many days. Makes it possible to identify folders where files have been modified most. A nice report for network admins.
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folder sizes list in windows explorer

Integrate with Windows Explorer

You can install any of the 7 ShowSize Lists on the right-click menu of Windows Explorer.

Use the Tools menu of ShowSize to do that.
save directory information in windows

Pro Edition, save reports

Save reports to view them later at any time on any system. These report files are perfect for sharing with other users. They can be viewed even on a system not connected with the original system.
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analyze directory information in windows

Pro Edition, ShowSize Analyze program

An additional program is included in the Pro Edition called, ShowSize Analyze.

It offers advanced filtering, printing and export features. The idea is, collect the reports with ShowSize and analyze them better with ShowSize Analyze.
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ShowSize disk space software is designed for speed

Designed for speed

ShowSize directly scans a given folder. You can save scanning time on huge drives by using the new Exclude Folders feature. You can even switch off the left pane for slow network drives. Moreover, ShowSize uses its own cache when you drill down the folders in the same report. All the features are designed to save your time.

The virtual listing technology in ShowSize can list millions of items making it possible to produce the Only Files report described above. Ordinary software would choke on such a list.
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ShowSize is a powerful disk space analysis utility. Please read more about it on the Home page.


Windows Software, runs on

32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7,
Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows Vista, XP
and Windows server editions 20xx

New version 5.7
now available on purchase

Pro Edition costs $139
for a 5-computer license

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Why choose ShowSize over other such software?

Beware of disk utilities that get locked into a long operation like a scan and don't give you any way to cancel out of it.
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We actively listen to the suggestions of our Pro Edition customers

The export to CSV menu on ShowSize tools menu gives many options. You can open these CSV files in Microsoft Excel and do your own custom calculations. But having the data in the desired format is important. We have implemented many suggestions from our customers to improve the data export. In addition, the ShowSize Analyze program in the Pro Edition allows you to open a saved report and analyze it further. It even allows export to an Excel spreadsheet.

But you are bound to get stuck at some point and need more features in the export or in the reports. We actively listen to the suggestions of our customers and try to implement all suggestions as long as thee are generic and might benefit other customers as well. Recently, based on such a customer suggestion, we successfully implemented many export features for our ShowSize Analyze program as well as unicode enabled our CSV export in ShowSize.
"I searched on Google. Yours was the third one I downloaded and tried but the only one which really does what I was looking for. It's amazing that something so simple in concept was so hard to find. I am very pleased with Showsize."

"Your program is saving me a ton of time and the ownership information is invaluable to me! The latest version with that optional "owner" and "modified" columns are exactly what we needed! I'm also very glad that it works with Windows 7 64-bit."

"It's also very cool to work with a program that when you hit cancel on a long running operation with over 300,000 entries, that it actually works! The program is great!"

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Print list of files in Windows

Print file lists easily

Any report in ShowSize can be printed. but the Folders & files is best for printing all the folders and files together in a single hierarchial list with their sizes and number of files contained.
You can print through command line too. This helps with making batch files for printing.

Many more power features

  • Automate running through command line features to be used in batch files
  • Detailed alerts when ShowSize can not access certain folders due to permission restrictions
  • Export data to CSV or HTML format
  • Symbolic links detection and option to skip them
  • Identify system and hidden items, symbolic links in the lists by special cusotmizable color
  • Find a file or folder name, even in huge lists
  • Multiple copies of ShowSize can be run on different locations to save time
  • Customize the report columns by drag and drop
  • See wasted space in partial clusters
  • UNC path support
  • Filters and filter testing
  • Auto refresh to monitor a location
  • Start a command prompt or admin command prompt on a folder directly from right-click menu
See more features on the Features page.
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