Supports High DPI displays on Windows 10

New ShowSize 6.0.4 is now available on purchase. See features overview in Features.. See "What's New" in Recent Features.

Why businesses should purchase the Server Edition?

Technically, even the Single-user Edition allows to scan Server Computers over a network. But this can be slow, especially for modern huge drives. The Server Edition allows you to install ShowSize on the Server itself so that the scanning is much faster for the drives hosted on the Server. Moreover, any admins signing in to that server computer can use ShowSize.

Single-user license

  • For installation on up to 2 personal computers in Home or Office by a single user. Can not be installed on Windows Server machines.
  • But you can still scan Server disks over network. To install on Server, please buy Server Edition.
Price: $24.95 only
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  • Existing customer? See Upgrade Pricing at the end.

5-Computer License Pack
Server Edition

  • For installation on Server or Personal computers. Enabled for all users on those computers.
  • Installation on Server gives you the ability to scan hosted drives as local disks. This scanning is several times faster as compared to that over a network.
Price: $99 only
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  • Buying for more computers? Purchase orders? See the FAQ page.
  • Existing customer? See Upgrade Pricing at the end.
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**Upgrade pricing for existing customers

Before you buy an upgrade, please note that Single-user license can not be installed on Server Machines now. The renewal (upgrade) price for 1-Year Updates is only $14.97 for single-user license and $49.50 for 5-computer license pack. To get the details and the ordering links, please login to with your email address in our records.

Upgrade/Update policy

All new purchases after Oct 28, 2018 are eligibile for free updates (minor versions) and upgrades (major releases) for 1-year from the date of purchase. Updates are provided through the same download link given in Purchase Email Notification from FastSpring store. To purchase an upgrade (renewal) or to see your Free update eligibility for earlier purchases, please login at