***You get an additional utility ShowSize Analyze that is installed automatically with paid version of ShowSize. ShowSize Analyze allows you to do advanced filtering of saved files lists from ShowSize. Click to see more details on ShowSize Analyze.

Single-user license

Price: $24.95 only
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  • Buying for more users? Purchase orders? See the FAQ page.
  • Existing customer? See Upgrade Pricing at the end.

5-Computer License Pack

1 pack can be used by any number of users in your organization on those 5 computers.
Price: $99 only
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  • Buying for more computers? Purchase orders? See the FAQ page.
  • Existing customer? See Upgrade Pricing at the end.
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Convenient licensing--Save the installer and license codes to install again. No online activation required.

You get ShowSize Pro 5.7.4 that runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows server editions

Purchasing for your company or business? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What you get on your purchase

See more details under "What you get on your purchase" below.

Why you won't find such software on Windows 10 App Store

Apps from Windows 10 App Store are limited in what they can do with the file system. They don't have the permission. ShowSize needs to scan all the folders to produce disk space reports. It can not be an App Store app. So instead of wasting time on the App Store to find such software, please download the trial and start using ShowSize which is a regular Desktop App.

What you get on your purchase

Get instant delivery of the latest version 5.7.4 after your purchase

You get license codes and the paid version software download immediately after your purchase. An email is additionally sent with all the details for your safe keeping.

Installation notes for corporate customers buying many single-user licenses:

  • Even if you buy many licenses, you need to download the installer only once after purchase and distribute to the users for installation.
  • If you are buying a large number of single-user-licenses for your orgnaization, please ask us for the silent install feature in order to distribute the software to all those users by Windows mass deployment features.

The 5-computer-license-pack is different.

It can be installed on up to 5 computers and makes the software available to all the users who use a licensed computer.

Get 24 months of Free updates and Email support

You get these updates by a download from a special self-support web site, support.avnitech.com. We have improved our licensing to include major upgrades in addition to updates if they occur in your free updates period.

Huge discount on Renewal (upgrade)

After the expiry of your Free updates period, you can buy a renewal at a huge discount if you act quickly after the expiry. The renewal ordering links are available in the same self-support web site that is used for updates.

Support is provided by email.

We reply to questions fast.

License itself is perpetual and continues to work

You can continue to use the software beyond the above Free updates period. You can even install it again, provided you save the installer and license codes.

Lost the paid version software installer or the license codes?

No problem. Get it from our automated support web site support.avnitech.com. You can always save the latest installer downloaded along with codes so that you can reinstall the software any time.

**Upgrade pricing for existing customers

To get the details and the ordering links, please login to support.avnitech.com with your purchase email address.