ShowSize is not available for purchase any more

However, the recent paid users of ShowSize can still download it by following this procedure. If you purchased ShowSize within the last 3 years, you can find your order notification email and use the same download link to get the last released version that works on Windows 10. Please make sure that you preserve this installer in your own computer as the download feature may go away. The installer does not need Internet to activate ShowSize.

File Tree App continues to be available on Microsoft store

Recently, we released a File Tree App on Microsoft store. File Tree has some disk space related features of ShowSize but its main purpose is to let the users view and print folder trees. Microsoft Store has nice features to keep the users updated automatically and hence we have decided to continue the File Tree App on Microsoft Store. ShowSize has been discontinued. It's possible that we might add some features of ShowSize to the new File Tree App as long as Microsoft Store provides the convenience of updating the users automatically.