Date: November 17, 2018

Press Release - ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer now supports Advanced Filters on File Lists

AvniTech Solutions has updated its Disk Space Analyzer, ShowSize, to version 6.0 with support for Windows 10. With ShowSize, Windows users can now find biggest folders and files taking up their disk space. They can also scan local disk images of cloud drives like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to see disk space distribution and to keep it within limits.

With a single deep-scan of the directories of a Disk, ShowSize is able to show seven useful disk space lists. These are Folder Sizes, File Types, Folders and Files, Only Files, Only Folders, Active Folders and Owners.

ShowSize now includes a Top Items Chart that only shows most significant items occupying disk space. This chart can show top folders, files, file types and file owners. The special feature to show only most significant items makes this chart clear and uncluttered. This chart comes in addition to the previous Pie Chart that is a standard chart showing disk space distribution in various folders and files.

ShowSize now includes an Advanced Filter Tool that can analyze the file lists with custom filters. For example, a user can list all the modified folders between two dates. The scanned file list in ShowSize can be saved and viewed later on any system for further analysis. This feature is quite useful for Windows Admin Users who need to monitor the disk space on various systems and want to share such file lists with other admin users for further analysis. ShowSize is a heavy-duty software that can process and list a huge number of files and folders typically found on modern huge drives.

ShowSize runs under Windows 10 and Windows Server machines 2008 or later. It also runs on earlier Windows 8 and 7.The product can be purchased from the web site A free trial can also be downloaded that contains the basic features.

About AvniTech Solutions

Based in Pune, India, AvniTech Solutions develops and markets productivity software for business and home users. In addition to ShowSize, the company also offers WhizFolders Outliner that helps prepare useful outlines for all kinds of writing projects.