With ShowSize, you can sort Folders and Subfolders by size on Windows 10/7

Get the facts on why Windows File Manager does not sort folders by size.
Get the solution in the Folder Sizes list in ShowSize.

Has basic features, quickly installs.
Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7.

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What you can do with Folder Sizes list in ShowSize software

What the users are saying about ShowSize

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Is your hard drive or cloud drive filling up fast? Do you wonder what is taking up all that disk space? ShowSize will help you find that information easily.

ShowSize displays 7 kinds of hierarchical and flat lists of files and folders that help you quickly find the most space consuming folders, files, file types and file owners.

For complete details on all the lists, please see the slides at the top of the Home page.

ShowSize is heavy-duty software

Modern disk drives are huge, running into terabytes of disk space and millions of folders and files. DO NOT USE "Toy programs" to analyze disk space on such huge disks. ShowSize is designed for heavy use with its features like virtual lists with huge capacity and Exclude Folders to save time on scanning.
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New, runs on Windows Server machines, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7